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FAR Creative is a New York based creative services and web development studio specializing in interactive user experience design and WordPress.

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Foundry 360

We are excited to have helped our long-time client and partner agency Foundry 360 to launch their new website. FAR Creative development team was involved in converting Foundry designs into HTML/CSS templates, and building out the site's bespoke CMS functionality in WordPress.

8 Point Studio

Our first partnership engagement with 8 Points Design studio, building a website for Hoola Hoop, a business consultancy striving to help organizations in growing their business.

Stella Services

Early in 2019, we were asked to reorganize StellaServices websites into a single domain, StellaConnect.io. Along with the re-org, we have added a new blog platform, as well as built many new site pages and modules.

8 Point Studio

FAR Creative was excited to collaborate with 8 Point Studio in building their new WordPress site. Our team focused on making sure studio’s design specs were precisely executed. Additionally, we have used our CSS and Javascript expertise in adding page animations and transitions to further enhance the site’s browsing experience.

Stella Services

StellaService helps hundreds of the world’s most innovative, service-focused brands in using real-time customer feedback to transform their team and customer engagement. We help StellaService in building and maintaining their websites, using up-to-date HTML/CSS and WordPress CMS standards.