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FAR Creative is a New York based WordPress development and creative services studio specializing in pixel-perfect web development.

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    Superette Studio

    Launched in February 2021, FAR Creative developed a site for Superette, a collaborative design studio focusing on the intersection of identity and environment. FAR Creative built customizable WordPress templates to showcase Superette's updates portfolio featuring large photos, colors and SVG animations.


    Another great collaboration with 2communique! FAR Creative was involved in building a WordPress microsite for St. Mark’s School featuring a two-pronged experience: for students and for parents. FAR Creative brought to life highly interactive designs that included unconventional navigation, a vertical and horizontal scrolling experience, an animated map, and hidden content that is revealed by engaging with the design.


    John Jay Impact is a 2020 Edition of an Editorial Annual Report. Built for John Jay College of Criminal Justice it was launched in Fall 2020. On this project FAR Creative collaborated with 2communique design studio (Albany, NY) by creating an ADA-compliant WordPress site, based on the designs provided.

    Foundry 360

    We are excited to have helped our long-time client and partner agency Foundry 360 to launch their new website. FAR Creative development team was involved in converting Foundry designs into HTML/CSS templates, and building out the site's bespoke CMS functionality in WordPress.

    8 Point Studio

    Our first partnership engagement with 8 Points Design studio, building a website for Hoola Hoop, a business consultancy striving to help organizations in growing their business.